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The Six Most Important Social Media Platforms for Your Business

Around 55% of the world’s 7.7 billion inhabitants use some type of social media site. If you’re in the social media marketing field, you’re well aware of the immense benefit that a large number of individuals can provide to a company.

Making the right choice for your company when it comes to social media platforms may be a difficult process. Why not create a social network account on each and every one of them? Yes, this is a legitimate concern, but let’s not get too carried away.

You’ll be regularly updating these pages with new content. Keeping in touch with your audience and solving their concerns is a must. This is just a small part of what you’ll do on various social networking platforms.

Even a social media marketing specialist won’t be able to keep up with all of this effort. The ideal strategy for your company is to focus on two or three social media platforms and have a constant presence on each of them.

Following considerations should be taken into consideration while choosing a social media platform:

  • The number of active users.
  • Whether or not it goes well with the image of your business
  • On the social media network where your target audience is present
  • Your target market’s online routines
  • These sites allow you to put money into them.

You’ll also have to consider the platform’s popularity while making a decision. As a business owner, you may utilise these top 10 social media platforms for marketing:

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After Google and YouTube, Facebook is the third most popular website. Almost every business, both B2B and B2C, has a Facebook page.

Facebook has come a long way from the days when its logo was Al Pacino’s face, the “like” button was a cool button, and its peer-to-peer network, Wirehog, let users share files.

Almost a third of the world’s population now uses Facebook on a monthly basis. That is why businesses should focus their advertising efforts on Facebook.

Marketers have an abundance of options thanks to Facebook. The typical Facebook user has 338 friends. 338 more clients may be reached if just one of your customers shares your content. In addition, there are an estimated six million marketers on Facebook. This demonstrates the scale of online advertising.

It’s also incredibly simple to create a Facebook company page. It supports virtually any type of media, including video, audio, images, and text. Facebook, on the other hand, places a higher value on posts that encourage users to engage in meaningful dialogue with one another. As a result, it is critical for businesses to create content that is both entertaining and engaging.

More than 95% of people use their mobile devices to log into Facebook, therefore making your material mobile friendly is a must.

Facebook was once the subject of numerous conspiracy theories, but it has now become an essential part of our daily lives. For a business to thrive and expand, it is imperative that it have a Facebook page.


Instagram is a photo and video-centric social networking platform. More than a billion people use it every month, and they post roughly 95 million photos each day to it.

At least 32% of the world’s internet users are on Instagram, which is a social networking site that allows users to post photos, videos, gifs and live video to their followers.

Initially, Instagram was a big success. Within three months after its debut, Instagram had over a million users, with over 25000 signing up on the first day.

These features encourage individuals to take high-quality photos and post them on its site. Among teens, this feature of Instagram has made it a household name and is the primary reason for its popularity. More than one in five teenagers feel Instagram is the most significant social media platform in the world.

As of this writing, the app has been downloaded more than one billion times, and about 40 billion photographs have been posted on Instagram since it was launched in 2010.

If the aesthetics of your product are important to your business, you may take use of this social media platform as a brand. Industries like food and footwear also fall within this category. 68 percent of Instagram users are female, so if you’re targeting female customers, Instagram is a must-have platform.

Instagram also makes good use of hashtags. 12.6 percent more people interact with posts when they include at least one hashtag. Instagram’s business page lets you monitor your account’s statistics. In addition, the publication time can be pre-scheduled.


Pinterest is the fastest-growing website in terms of overall membership growth, with more than 250 million monthly active users. Many individuals use Pinterest to get inspiration and then purchase items based on what they see in other users’ pins.

Advertising on Pinterest don’t even seem like ads because of the site’s user-friendly layout. Because of this, advertising on Pinterest is a smart move.

On Pinterest, users are really enthusiastic about being involved with the material. In fact, 78% of Pinterest users enjoy material from companies they follow.

Aside from creating new pins, users also like purchasing items they see on the site. About a quarter of Pinterest users make a purchase after seeing an item they pinned.

In terms of companies that may profit from photography, Pinterest is a great resource. The retail industry is a good illustration of this. Increasing your company’s consumer base and influencing their purchase decisions may both be made easier with a Pinterest presence.

If you’re a marketer, Pinterest is a must. When compared to Facebook and Twitter, a pin on Pinterest might last for months. The majority of Pinterest users are female, therefore if your business deals with women’s accessories, Pinterest is a good fit.

Also, Pinterest is responsible for 41% of all e-commerce traffic compared to other social media platforms.


You may use Twitter to quickly disseminate information to a large audience. Indeed, it’s even been described as a source for breaking news stories on social media.

For news, gaming, and politics alike, it’s a great platform because of its focus on real-time updates and updates in real-time.

Since practically every celebrity has a Twitter account, it’s become a popular way for followers to interact with their favourite stars. In addition, Twitter is sometimes referred to be an online customer service platform because of the high percentage of customer support inquiries it receives.

More than 80% of Twitter’s active users do it via their mobile devices. Twitter’s character limit of 140 may be inconvenient at times, but it was instituted because SMS messages could only be sent with a maximum of 160 characters.

The 140-character limit and the 20-character limit for usernames were imposed by Twitter’s developers to keep the content in a single line. Using Twitter may be beneficial for a business that wants to stay in touch with its clients and disseminate information quickly.

Decide on your preferred Social Media Network:

These are some of the platforms you may use to increase your brand’s visibility and establish consumer loyalty. Even if a social network has a large number of registered members and is widely used, the most critical consideration when selecting a social media platform is if your target audience is present and how well you can reach them.