Izuku X Ochako Fanfic “all I Want Is You ..” Chapter 120: Deku Vs All For One Part 2

“But of course Izuku. I know you lied to your trainer simply now to save heaps of his life as nicely as Endeavour’s. But look at this site that does not matter now I’ve already confirmed to the world that their Symbol is weak and defeated and with no quirk he’s hopeless. The world will turn on heroes now that they’ve seen that even the strongest amongst them could not compete with me. I’ve shown them how weak heroes really are. And after they watch me kill you my very own son they will realise that I will spare no one. They’ll be overwhelmed with worry. I’ll get no matter I want. They’ll deliver on any demand that I make. All because of the worry of what I may do if they do not. You’re too late Izuku. You’ve lost this one. The world already sees you as a villain. And they’ve already turned on the heroes” All for One said taunting him. “DETROIT SMASH!” Deku screamed lining up his punch to hit him in the head and maintain his fall going earlier than he began levitating. However when he threw the punch All for One dodged it moving his head to the aspect out of the way. “Hm. Nice attempt” All for One stated unimpressed along with his throw and holding at his hand in front of him. Just before the chunk of concrete could hit him he hit it with a blast of shockwaves shattering it into pieces nonetheless as soon as it shattered Deku abruptly appeared flying straight via the shattered pieces of concrete and touchdown a kick to All for One’s face.



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